Initiations & Ceremonies

Ancient techniques te respire body and mind

Sacred Mother Initiations

Hatun Karpay

Hatun Karpay is a sacred initiation that involves deep connections and the transmission of wisdom from the ancient Inca tradition. It is a ceremonial process aimed at opening the mind, heart, and soul to the powerful energies of the universe, allowing the recipient to experience a profound understanding of life and the universe.

Munay Karpay

Munay Karpay is an initiation ritual that focuses on cultivating unconditional love and compassion. It emphasizes the importance of nurturing connections, not only with others but also with nature and the universe as a whole. This initiation offers the recipient the opportunity to grow in awareness and loving compassion.

Yachay Karpay

Yachay Karpay is an initiation ceremony that focuses on developing deep wisdom and spiritual understanding. Through this initiation, one can strengthen the connection with inner strength and universal knowledge, gaining a deeper insight into the purpose of life and one’s role in the greater scheme of the universe.

Llank’ay Karpay

Llank’ay Karpay is a ceremonial ritual that focuses on action, manifestation, and the realization of goals. It aims to strengthen a sense of determination and initiative, encouraging the recipient to realize their unique potential by actively working on personal growth and development.

Llank’ay Karpay

Llank’ay Karpay is a ceremonial ritual that focuses on action, manifestation, and the realization of goals. It aims to strengthen a sense of determination and initiative, encouraging the recipient to realize their unique potential by actively working on personal growth and development.

€247, now until February for €197, plus bonus Meditation free during the ceremony.

Sessions take 2 hours and last for up to 6 months

What is a Despacho Ceremony?

The Despacho Ceremony is an ancient ritual originating from Andean culture, which focuses on creating a sacred offering to Mother Earth (Pachamama) and the cosmos. This ceremony involves carefully assembling a colorful altar with various symbolic elements, such as flowers, grains, leaves, and other natural gifts. The despacho symbolizes a deep form of gratitude, harmony, and balance with the natural and spiritual world. During the ceremony, prayers and intentions are expressed, while the despacho is offered to nature as a way to strengthen the bond with the universe and honor the blessings of Mother Earth. This ceremony is often performed as a way to set intentions, show gratitude, promote healing, and foster harmony and balance in life.

Price €125,- 

Other Rituals and Personal Issues

Intuitively Tailored to Your Personal Story

In the depths of our being, we often carry unresolved emotions and memories, including birth trauma. In shamanic work, we recognize the power of healing and transformation that exists within all of us. Creating altars is a beautiful and powerful

way to support healing and personal development during the process of healing birth trauma.

When working with birth trauma from a shamanic perspective, we invite the individual involved to connect with their inner healer and activate their own powerful healing energy. The altar becomes a sacred space where they can place their intentions, express their emotions, and connect with their spiritual support.

Creating an altar for the healing of birth trauma can be an intimate and personal journey. It begins with selecting meaningful objects and symbols that resonate with the individual and their healing process. These can be items associated with birth, such as a candle representing the light of life, feathers symbolizing freedom, and stones promoting stability and grounding.

During the altar creation process, we invite the individual to create a calm and sacred space where they feel safe and supported. They can decorate the altar with flowers, leaves, crystals, or other natural elements that help them connect with the natural world. Placing photos of themselves as a baby or symbols representing their birth process can also be a powerful addition.

Once the altar is created, it becomes a focal point for healing and personal development. The individual can spend time at the altar daily, meditating, praying, reciting affirmations, or performing other rituals to promote awareness and healing. The altar serves as an energetic place of support and empowerment, where the person has the space to explore, embrace, and ultimately heal their birth trauma.

Shamanic work and creating an altar for the healing of birth trauma provide a powerful framework through which we can become aware of the deep wounds we carry and the possibility of healing them. Remembering our own ability to heal and grow, and creating a sacred space where we can connect with our inner strength and spiritual support, opens the door to transformation and liberation.

If you feel that birth trauma plays a role in your life, shamanic work and creating an altar can be a valuable addition to your healing process. With the magic and power of these practices, we can walk a path of healing, connect with our inner wisdom, and pave the way for personal development and fulfillment.

The sessions cost €125 for 1 to 1.5 hours and may extend.

·Such a personal journey often takes at least 3 hours. With a starting price for 3 hours, you get a discount of €50.

At Magic of Nature Coaching, we believe in the powerful connection between humans and nature. We offer a unique experience where we use the magic of nature to facilitate personal growth, self-discovery, and transformation.

Our coaching approach combines the wisdom of nature with holistic methods to guide clients in finding inner balance, discovering their true potential, and manifesting their dreams. We believe that nature provides a source of inspiration, healing, and guidance, and we use various natural elements and rituals to support this process.

During a Magic of Nature Coaching session, we invite our clients to leave behind the hustle and bustle of daily life and engage in a deeper connection with nature. We use nature walks, meditations, rituals, and other experiential exercises to activate the senses, strengthen intuition, and unlock inner wisdom.

Magic of Nature Coaching

As coaches, we act as guides and support our clients in exploring their inner landscape, identifying limiting beliefs and patterns, and discovering new opportunities. We encourage clients to embrace their own inner strength and wisdom and trust in the healing power of nature.

Whether you need personal growth, emotional healing, stress reduction, or finding direction in your life, Magic of Nature Coaching provides a safe and supportive space where you can grow, flourish, and embrace your true self. Together, we will use the enchanting power of nature to guide you on your unique journey of transformation. We work with the power animal game, the elements, cardinal points, altar, and with the nation of nature.

At Magic of Nature Coaching, we believe that nature provides everything we need to thrive and flourish. Step into this magical journey of self-discovery and let nature guide you to a life full of joy, balance, and fulfillment.

We prefer that sessions be taken in sets of 3:

€125 for 1 to 1.5 hours, which may extend