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About Me

Welcome to Sacred Mother, the gateway to your radiant motherhood. Here, at Sacred Mother, I invite you on a journey of deep transformation and connection.

I am Alejandra Alarcón, originally from the enchanting Chile, but the Netherlands has been my beloved home for quite some time.



Doula support for birth and postpartum. Choose from a range of complementary services such as massage, postpartum assistance, breech support, breathing sessions, etc.


If you practice beforehand, you can embrace the birth.
Your body learns to relax better and recognizes the exercises you’ve done together beforehand.

Shamanic Ceremonies

Sjamanistische inwijdingen en ceremonies bieden een veilige en ondersteunende ruimte waarin je kunt groeien, bloeien en je ware zelf kunt omarmen.

The Location

Welcome to Sacred Mother – an intimate space in Amsterdam-Noord, situated by the serene water, and on the other side, the forest, where all elements converge. This is where I offer guidance for a variety of services. My expertise includes Doula guidance for both birth and postpartum, hypnobirthing courses, shamanic work, and birth trauma support. At Sacred Mother, we strive to create a sacred environment where you can grow, heal, and find strength for your maternal journey, empowered by the forces of Mother Earth. I warmly welcome you.

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